This is a website for people who love running over Dartmoor and it will hopefully inspire people to get out and explore the moors by completing our challenge of the month as well some more established challenges such as the Nigel Jenkins Round. Please be aware that some of the challenges listed on this site could venture onto inner reaches of the moor and should only be tackled by those with suitable experienced. Running solo is one of the great pleasures of moorland running, if you are planning to run solo please remember to inform someone of your intentions and time of return. Also agree what action they should take if you are over due. Please go appropiately equiped for the time of year and conditions.

September Challenge of the Month

So here it is the September Challenge
8 Tor Challenge
13Km 430m of Climb
Start Parking near Pew Tor SX526730
Pew Tor SX532734
Feather Tor SX535741
Cox Tor Trig Point SX530761
White Tor SX542786
Roos Tor SX543765
Great Staple Tor SX542760
Middle Staple Tor SX540756
Little Staple Tor SX538753
Finish Parking near Pew Tor SX526730

Choose own route between checkpoints, please respect any private land.
Please email times to mailto:mark for inclusion on this page
Unfortunately due to injury have been unable to run this route recently and can’t remember my times from previous runs, but much of this run offers some of the best running on the moors so I hope to hear of some quick times.

Runners Times

12th November 2010 - auxinelectro  - 2hours50.. pretty steady going.. really enjoyed it.. 


  1. due to shocking navigational issues ;-) we found ourselves in a marsh between the first two tors, we did it in 2hours50.. pretty steady going.. really enjoyed it.. going to try some of your others and let you know how we get on..

    1. Sorry need to get back on this after a busy couple of years. Thanks for the feedback some more exciting challenges in the planning and looking good. Cheers Lucy