This is a website for people who love running over Dartmoor and it will hopefully inspire people to get out and explore the moors by completing our challenge of the month as well some more established challenges such as the Nigel Jenkins Round. Please be aware that some of the challenges listed on this site could venture onto inner reaches of the moor and should only be tackled by those with suitable experienced. Running solo is one of the great pleasures of moorland running, if you are planning to run solo please remember to inform someone of your intentions and time of return. Also agree what action they should take if you are over due. Please go appropiately equiped for the time of year and conditions.

Datmoor Runners - 90 minute score event

This run was set by Steve Statham/Nigel Worsey/Colin Sturmer for the final run of the Dartmoor Runners Winter Series 2012.  The format is a simple 90 minutes to visit as many controls you can, in which ever order you like.  Each control has an individual points score (Click on the icon for more details).  If you are late back to the start/finish area you receive a 5 point penalty for every minute or part of you are late. (ie 1 min 20 secs late = -10 points).  On the day Jamie Parkinson won, clearing the course in 70 minutes.      

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